Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Retrolux


Q: Is Retrolux really free?

Yes! Retrolux is free for anyone doing audits and proposals for lighting retrofit projects and includes all the features we have currently released. We’re working to bring advanced functionality through third parties that will require subscriptions with those third parties for access.

Q: Will this change the costs of my products from my manufacturers in any way as a result of using Retrolux?

No! Retrolux requires the manufacturers to keep their prices equal to, or lower than, current prices — so your pricing will either stay the same or will go down!

Q: Will using Retrolux change the way I am supported by my manufacturers?

Absolutely! Your support will increase since manufacturers can now push out product updates in real time, and manage your account in real time at the project level! The Retrolux experience will benefit both buyers and sellers!

Q: How do you make money?

Retrolux works with the Manufacturers to ensure that you have the best access to their product information and that our user’s experience is unparalleled. The participating manufacturers are our primary paying customers.

Q: Is Retrolux acting as a distributor in any way, reselling product by being the middle man?

Retrolux does not provide distribution services and does not take possession of any products.

Q: How can I stay updated on new features, and the product roadmap development?

All active Retrolux users will get periodic emails showing newly released and coming features. You will also have a dedicated account manager that can take requests for features you would like to see added to our offering allowing us to continue to ensure that you have the very best experience.

Q: Are there aspects of the Retrolux platform that are “not” free (optional offerings that are fee based or monetized in some way?

Yes! Retrolux offers completely optional customization and integration services for all of our users as well as third party integrations. An examples of a customization would be if you wished to have us change the fonts and/or look of our proposals to match your company brand —
(we have basic customization included for free that includes logo and colors for instance). An example of integration services would be if you wished to integrate Retrolux into your accounting software, CRM, or ERP. And example of a third party integration would be integrating to SalesForce, which would charge your a fee to use their service.

For all customization and integration services, Retrolux will work with your firm to understand exactly what you are looking for and then will provide a proposal detailing any of the extra charges for the options that you are choosing to pursue.

These options are a way to improve your experience, not a money-maker – we do everything we can to keep these costs to a minimum by continuing to find ways to include free customization and integration options in the basic platform!

Q: Who or How does product get updated with an industry that changes “generations” of LED products day to day?

Manufacturers who choose to participate are contractually required to ensure that their product information is updated the moment that updates become available – assuring that Retrolux provides the most up-to-date information that is available.

Further, we update DLC, Energy Star, LDL, and Lighting Facts product lists same day they are updated — and our utility incentive database follows this same process. Accuracy, in all aspects of our software platform, is our highest priority!

Q: Is there an "offline" version that can be used “on-site” when no internet is available? And if so, will it automatically update once an internet connection is made?

No, Retrolux is currently built as a responsive design Web App, meaning it will work on any smart device you already use (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), but you have to be connected to the Internet to use it, . We decided to build Retrolux as a full featured Web App (meaning – if you can connect to the web, no matter what device you are using, every feature will be fully operational). Ultimately, we chose to build for browser based devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) first before building an offline version. We recognize the need, and it is a priority! We are committed to bringing native versions with offline capability to iOS and Android in the first half of 2017!

Q: Will the software allow me to identify areas, floors, or even sub-areas for greater specificity in my proposals?

Retrolux supports unlimited, nested, sub areas for your projects. An example would be a Campus, with Buildings, Floors, Rooms, and Closets. This gives you unlimited freedom to get specific in your audits and proposals! Plus, it sets the stage for our coming control and commissioning modules!

Q: How reliable is the software tool, the auditing calculations, and the general ordering process for direct purchase?

Retrolux goes through an extensive testing process before every feature is released in order to ensure that it is reliable for our customers. The auditing calculations follow the DOE standards for lighting energy and cost calculations, and all other features have been extensively reviewed to follow “industry best standards.”

Further feel-good measures include: the CEO is a licensed professional engineer and personally wrote the energy and cost savings algorithms. In addition,
several financial institutions have pre-approved our analysis engine for their lending underwriting and utilities are starting to do the same.

Q: What advice would you give to “new and existing users” of the Retrolux auditing and proposal tool?

Our number one piece of advice is to use Retrolux for all of your retrofit projects. Retrolux is building some cool features that get better the more you use it – features like self-learning (AI) and product selection suggestions (Deep Data Learning).

We are also working on analytics and sales forecasting, which will not be able to give you a comprehensive look into your business if you do not incorporate all of your projects running through our system. Finally, customers that use the same process for all jobs, large and small, end up with greater efficiencies and success across their sales pipeline as well.

Q: Tell me how this is going to be better for me than what I am doing right now?

Retrolux is built by folks that grew up in your shoes who want to make your life easier and more productive by automating all of the paperwork, and by letting you do what you do best — sell the best lighting system for your clients and providing the best solutions available!

Q: We currently use several software tools and have to re-enter data from one to the next which sucks up a lot of time in data entry, how does your platform help in this regard?

Our number one goal is eliminate the need to do data entry more than once. We’re working very hard to bring robust integrations to our software that will support you from “lead through commissioning”!

Q: How do you handle companies with multiple facilities or franchises?

Retrolux will support companies with multiple locations, franchises, and subsidiaries. We also allow you to be part of multiple companies at the same time! Easy!

The Invite Process

Q: What is the “invite” process?

Retrolux is built around teams, both internal company teams and project based teams. We ask our users to ‘invite’ folks to join Retrolux and then they can be added to your company as a team-member, or added to any of your projects as a project-member. This ensures you do not have to keep adding the same folks you work with multiple times — keeping their contact and/or billing information up to date even if they move positions or companies. Sweet!

Q: If I invite an individual or company to connect with our company or to a project, can I set permissions so that they do not have access to all information?

Absolutely! Each company and individual will have roles and permissions that are set by the company admin, or project owner.

This ensures that you control who gets to see what information, and ensures that your information remains confidential unless you choose to deliberately share it with someone else.

Q: If there is a manufacturer that I want to work with, can I invite them to connect? And if so, how does that work?

Yes! Retrolux works best when everyone you work with is on the platform. So absolutely please invite all of the folks you buy or sell to by contacting your account representative!

Getting Started

Q: How do I get access to the Retrolux auditing and proposal tool?

Just go to www.retrolux.com and “sign up” using your email, Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook accounts. Super easy!

Q: Who do I contact for support?

If you are not a user, please go to our contact us page for support options.

If you are already signed up, you will be assigned an account manager that can answer all of your questions.

We also have a great FAQ and training video area as a quick resource so you can learn at your own pace and on your own time!

Q: What kind of support can my team and I expect from Retrolux?

Customer service is our top priority. We provide unlimited online support, access to training and resources, and give you a dedicated account manager. Plus, we help you import any products from manufacturers not on our system yet and will enter three of your current jobs. For Free!

Q: Once I am signed up, what should I do first?

For the Go Getter, We recommend watching our short demo and signing up for a weekly intro webinar if you need some extra support. We have plenty of users that figure it out on their own with our online support tools, so feel free to jump right in as well!

For most users, an account executive will contact you within one day of signing up to start our white glove onboarding process:

  1. You’ll get an hour demo of the real software
  2. We’ll upload your current product list for all manufacturers not on our system already.
  3. We’ll import 3 of your current projects into Retrolux
  4. We’ll train you on Retrolux, using your own projects
  5. You’re rocking!


Q: Can I tell the status of each project without opening up the project directly?

Yes, the project status is shown in the project dashboard for each project in the system.

Q: Is there a way to organize projects within my projects page by status for easy search and identification?

We support A-Z sort and search within our projects page. You can sort alphabetically  and of course, you can perform a simple search as well. We’ll support sorting by project status, date created/modified, and project value shortly.

Q: Can I set up specific important projects to be visible on my home page, when I sign in, for quick access?

Coming Soon!


Q: Can I copy areas that are identical from “floor to floor” or “building to building”?

Yes! You can copy areas and you can choose where you would like to add them. For example: you can take Floor #2 in Building #1 and make it Floor #1 in Building #2 — or — make it a completely new area or type within Building #1.

Rebates & Incentives

Q: How does the rebate process identify the ever-changing rebate details when every region is di erent, and changes often?

Rebate details are updated daily for all supported utilities in our database. We are partnering with a third company that gets rebate information from supported utilities in order to ensure that our rebate information is updated as soon as rebate programs are changed. We do not currently track availability of funds in a utility rebate program, so please check with your utility to ensure they still have funds for that program.

Q: Is the rebate an “estimate” or the actual rebate that is to be expected?

Our current model will have Retrolux providing an “estimate” based on the utility’s rebate program in combination with the particular solution that you choose and enter into Retrolux. While it is not perfect, it does take our system to a completely di erent level than the competition. In addition, we are working on providing you with access to an “auto-fill” capability for rebate applications with select utilities — we will be rolling those out over the coming year. Until we are able to connect directly with the utility companies, which is on our roadmap and is one of our goals, the actual rebate you can expect can only be verified by the utility through their rebate process.

We recognize that the rebate and incentive process is the number one time-sucker in the industry, and are working diligently to rectify that with our Retrolux o ering.

(Our platform will provide a solid estimate, but Retrolux assumes no responsibility for rebate estimates that are not accurate, if you do not get paid by the utility, or if the calculations otherwise result in a loss to our users. Retrolux highly recommends that our clients get projects approved for rebates “BY THE UTILITY — BEFORE” they start any project.)

Q: How accurate is the rebate “estimation”?

The rebate estimate accuracy depends on the accuracy of the data you enter as well as the accuracy of our rebate estimate engine. If you enter information correctly and verify that the correct utility is selected, the estimate should be accurate.

(Our platform will provide a solid estimate, but Retrolux assumes no responsibility for rebate estimates that are not accurate, if you do not get paid by the utility, or if the calculations otherwise result in a loss to our users. Retrolux highly recommends that our clients get projects approved for rebates “BY THE UTILITY — BEFORE” they start any project.)


Q: Can I access the system and enter data directly from the job-site?

Retrolux is a “web-app”, meaning you have to be connected to the Internet for the application to work. As long as there is an avenue to accessing the Internet through your browser based device (laptop, smart phone, iPad, etc.), then the answer is yes. We recognize the need for offline audit capability, and it is a priority! We are committed to bringing offine version to iOS and Android in the first half of 2017!

Q: Does it automatically upload to the cloud, or do I have to re-enter the data when I get back to the office?

Retrolux automatically uploads all information to the cloud AND allows you to access product lists, reports, and all other features of the application while you’re in the field as long as you are connected to the internet.

Q: What happens if I get on-site and there is not Internet access?

Retrolux recommends asking your client for access to their Wi-Fi network before arriving on-site to ensure you have access to the Internet. We also recommend bringing a pad of paper and pencil to collect information in case the site does not provide Wi-Fi access. We recognize the need, and it is a priority! We are committed to bringing our offline version to iOS and Android in the first half of 2017!

Q: Can I add photos from the site?

Yes! Retrolux supports the incorporation of photos from the job-site of the project, buildings, areas, and existing fixtures.

Q: How do I identify fixture locations in the software? Is there a way to adjust or alter a set of plans in preparation for the retrofit and/or controls specification and identification?

Retrolux will support uploading floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, or other images of plans where you will be able to locate fixtures in Q1 of 2017. We’ll also be bringing a really cool third party app integration that allows you use your smart device camera to easily create floorplans and export to Retrolux in Q2 2017.

Q: Does the software allow for an easier path to those that can provide details on space usage, operation hours, etc.?

Retrolux strives to provide the easiest solution in the industry, including collecting information on area type, operating schedule, rate schedule, and other information you need to collect. For area type, we will have pre-loaded lists that correspond to Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, or IES for you to select from. For operating schedule, you will be able to put in hours on an annual basis, weekly basis, or daily basis depending on how granular you would like to get. The same will apply to rate schedules and other information.

Q: What is “LuxSmart”?

LuxSmartTM is our proprietary product search and recommendation  engine that make it super easy to find and select products. It is similar to a search using Google in that the search becomes smarter with each use. We strive to make our system operate in a way that allows you to spend less time searching for products or solutions. This is key because it makes training new employees easier and maintains consistency across your entire company as it relates to design and solution selling. The more you use it, the faster if finds the product you’re looking for!

Heating & Cooling

Q: Why do we have heating and cooling included in the calculations?

Reducing the energy used, through the integration of LED’s and controls measures, results in less heat being added to each area. As a result, the heating and cooling systems operation times are a ected – running less in the summer and more in the winter. Retrolux
provides calculations to estimate the energy and cost’s associated with the building heating and cooling systems for a more accurate energy and cost savings analysis. It is not mandatory for a project, but does provide additional accuracy.

Q: How is this different from the HVAC calculations that are used with energy management based controls o erings?

We only calculate the energy and cost savings associated with the impact your lighting project has on the reduction of heat entering the working space and its effects on the heating and cooling systems. HVAC calculations for EMC systems calculate the energy savings and changes as a result of multi-measure controls implementations, and the dimming and controls functionality that a ects the energy output of the lighting solution being implemented. We do not incorporate the EMC calculations at this time, but it is on our

Q: How accurate are the Retrolux energy and cost calculations for heating and cooling?

Retrolux follows the DOE guidelines for these calculations that results in industry accepted accuracy.

Q: Does Retrolux automatically include and calculate heating and cooling?

No. Retrolux, by default, does not include heating and cooling calculations. They are “optional” for you to choose whether to use or not.

Q: Why are the heating and cooling calculations offered on the platform?

They are included for a more accurate energy and cost analysis.

Controls & EMS

Q: Why are controls important to consider?

Controls will play an increasing role in lighting retrofits as they drop in price and regulations continue to require them in more instances. Further, controls are required to maximize energy savings, occupant comfort, and productivity.

Q: What role does controls play in the ROI, auditing, and rebate process?

Controls are essential for minimizing lighting energy usage and result in increased energy savings and increased costs. As control costs continue to drop, the ROI will improve and eventually eclipse lighting only retrofits.

Q: How does Retrolux support controls manufacturers and their commissioning agents?

Retrolux is currently working with industry leaders to simplify and integrate the lighting controls audit and commissioning requirements into the Retrolux software to further reduce the costs and e ort associated with adding controls to your lighting project. We are also working directly with manufacturers to ensure that our audit and commissioning process for controls meets their requirements so that all of our Retrolux users do not have to incorporate a separate process or software to complete commissioning. We’re more excited about this than darn near anything!

Q: What differentiates the Retrolux approach, as it relates to controls, from everyone else?

Retrolux believes controls will see a continued increasing role in the lighting industry, thus we are building our software to make controls a seamless part of the Retrolux software. Our goal is to eliminate as much complexity within the process as possible. We continue to strive to further reduce controls related design and implementation costs, resulting in improved ROI for your users.

Q: How do I take advantage of the controls options, when I am not controls savvy?

Retrolux is working hard to make it easy to implement controls. Our goal is to make it so easy that every project has controls as an option.

Purchasing & Manufacturing Partners

Q: What is a manufacturing partner?

Retrolux is working directly with manufacturers to bring their products to Retrolux users. Our manufacturing partners have agreed to partner with us to get all of their products on Retrolux, ensuring their product information and pricing is accurate and updated instantly. If you already have relationships with our manufacturing partners, that is great! Retrolux will just make it much easier for you to select and purchase product from them – and faster as well. If you do not have relationships with our manufacturing partners, you will be responsible for making those connections through the invite process and getting permission to see their products and pricing.

Q: If I have added product from manufacturers who are not currently partners, can I purchase these products through the Retrolux platform?

The best advice we have is to have you introduce Retrolux to your manufacturers if you cannot find them on our system. We will reach out to them and try to add them to our platform so that you can have access to their products and pricing. If the manufacturer is not on our system, we do support your ability to upload your own product lists with the products you like to sell.

This ensures your ability to select your products for your proposals. Unfortunately, we cannot support certain features for user uploaded product lists due to inconsistencies in the product information – keeping them up to date will be your responsibility, and purchasing through the Retrolux platform is not an option. Introduce us, and we will get you connected!


Q: How do I incorporate Financing into my proposal?

Retrolux comes with financing options included. We currently support two financing companies: Byline Financial and SE Capital.

Q: Can I use my own Financing company within Retrolux?

Yes! Please introduce us to your financing partner if you would like us to contact them about getting added to your financing options.

Products & Solutions

Q: Can I add products that I use all the time to the product platform, even if the manufacturer is not set up as a partner?

Yes, you can add any product that you would like to have access to on your product lists. You can add products one-by-one or you can “batch upload” them using our Excel template. Retrolux will provide you with an Excel template that you will need to fill out for a batch upload.

Q: If I add my own products, who keeps the information up to date (pricing, product details, etc.)?

“You do!” If the products are not added by one of our manufacturer partners, then it is solely your responsibility to keep information up to date. Retrolux does not provide any support for products that you upload yourself other than assistance with uploading the batch lists. We’re working hard to get your manufacturers on the platform so you don’t have to!

Q: How do I delete a solution if I do not want it to keep popping up?

Your admin functionality has the ability to delete products from your product list. The project owner has the ability to delete solutions in a project if you do not need to use that solution any longer.

Q: Can I make changes to the solution once it has been created?

Yes! You can make changes to a solution once it has been created. Those changes will then automatically update all solutions within the project.

Q: If a project requires a change to a given solution, can I make the change to “only” that implementation, without affecting future opportunities?

Yes! You can make a change to just the one project solution by creating a new solution.

Q: When searching for products or solutions, can I filter by di erent technical options (ie. beam angle, color temp, etc.)?

LuxSmart provides filtering, sorting, search, and browse functions for finding products and solutions, much like Google or Amazon. LuxSmart also has a proprietary recommendation engine that learns what you like to select for solutions that make it even easier to find products and solutions the more it is used.

Proposals, Reports & Documentation

Q: What type of reports are included?

Retrolux provides a large array of report options that can be put together in any combination or order to form a proposal. We have energy saving reports, financial reports, installation reports, utility rebate reports, environmental reports, summary reports, detailed reports, and many other useful reports for selling, reviewing, installing, billing, and commissioning a project. Our proposal tool is easy, and easily the best in the industry!

Q: Can I customize my proposals?

Yes! You can include any report within your proposal, put them in any order, and can also add pictures, logos, and change colors to further customize your proposals for a personalized company look and branding consistency.

Q: Can I export the proposal to WORD or PDF formats?

Retrolux’s primary proposal format is “online” with the ability to send a link to your client so that they can see the report online in real time. This provides for a “live” interactive experience that will increase your close rates. We also provide the ability to download the report as a PDF if you would like to send it via email or snail mail.